you are the miracle of life

مرفت نبيل | مصر

you are the miracle of life
you are the miracle of love
i kiss your eyes and i get crazy
you are the answer to all my questions
you are the only sparkling rose in the desert
bed yourself in my linens , under my skin and in my verse so i can live
what secret is clasped between your lips
what secret is born on your lips when we kiss each other
you touch me with your senses
and i m born again
the flare of desire lit up your face
there is no darkness , only your desire light
i bare the tenderness in your love
and i kiss your heart and i feel your heat
the world falls into your bosom
and i’ m on fire
you set my spirit free in love
you r genie of love
i fall into darkness without you
i’m lost in you
and i drown in your sea , your eyes
i m lost
what secret charm in your eyes and on your lips
your are the origin of a virgin rose
your body perfumes me , your body fragrance is charming
you make me crazy
your are the sparkling fire of the planet mingle with you and we get crazy in love
my memory emerges from your body
and i plant my dreams in you body and i escape from heat in your shadows
like sea , like time you swallow me
you swallow me like space ….

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