Abyss milk

From Arabic Dr. Yousef Hanna | Palestine
اللوحة للفنان الفرنسي بول فرانسوا كوينساك
By Fathi Muhadub | Tunisia
Before I nurse the abyss
And fill my mortar with tears of widows,
You let your branches think.
Your papers are scrambling like obsessions.
Next year rain will come
Full of women and gold.
The boats will be ready
The light will be fifty cubits long
And the balcony filled with wheat of thinking.
I let the butterfly shriek
Her milk was as warm as light cubes.
Your predatory texts attack the rooster of imagination.
The wolf chews the farmer’s hat
And my brother washes his coffin with masturbation fluid
He rubs his critical hours in the brothel.
My shoulders of straw and gossip
The body of red marble.
In August the she-wolf of metaphysics goes crazy.
I divorce heaven and marry earth.
Gabriel applauds me with two bronze wings.
My dose of Oxygen is not enough
To awaken the forgetfulness fish
in August
You wear God’s face
Heaven rests on your bed
Studded with leopards and music
Narcissus falls into the lake
I fall to the bottom of the mirror
Bahloul * falls into the temptation
Your shadow is a sleeping fox under the acacia tree.
In August, the almonds of the carriages of the dead ripen
Waiting for my sad tree to drain the tears of the family
I am waiting for scuttles of tremendous eyes
The blind fill the plot.
I’m wait for nothing
Waiting for the ostrich mail of obsessions
For the tears of the Circassian knight’s pistol
In August, Descartes descends
from my head balcony
The cogito is his only horse
And the words his thick forest.
Our house is ashes, and our prayers are dead birds
And if it wasn’t for the wine of your breasts, the musician would have committed suicide
In the casino.
*Bahloul: was the common name of Wāhab ibn Amr, born in Kufa/Iraq in 807 AD, he was a wise poet, and he was perfect in the arts of governance, knowledge and literature in the time of Harun al-Rashid. He pretended to be insane in order to get rid of the Abbasid caliphs following him because of his severe asceticism. Behave like madmen and dervishes.

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